About Us

Central Office Brochure

Who is Tri-District Intergroup?

Tri-District Intergroup is the central AA office and provides local services to the AA groups in the Northwest Florida tri-district area. These groups are; District 13, District 21, District 22.

The area covered by Tri-District Intergroup is from Hwy. 87 in Navarre, Florida, all the way north to the Alabama state line and all the way west to the Alabama state line.  This includes Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida.

Tri-District Intergroup is supported by AA groups from the three district areas.

What does Tri-District Intergroup do?

Tri-District Intergroup Central Office provides the following services:

  1. Receiving, arranging, and following up Twelfth Step calls.
  2. Provides for after-hours answering service that is able to give information about locations and times of area meetings to inquirers.
  3. Answering inquiries about A.A.
  4. Establishing local public information committees.
  5. Provides for and maintains a website.
  6. Maintains information about local hospitals and recovery facilities for alcoholics.
  7. Maintains an area meeting list.
  8. May at times provide a newsletter.
  9. Ordering, selling, and distributing AA Conference- approved literature.

Does Tri-District Intergroup have any committees?

Tri-District Intergroup maintains the website committee and the gratitude banquet committee. Tri-District Intergroup hosts the Tri-District Intergroup committee which consist of area group representatives.
Anyone interested in the business of Tri-District Intergroup is encouraged to attend this meeting. Area AA groups are encouraged to provide a group member representative to attend the monthly meetings. Please refer to the Calendar of Events for the monthly Tri-District Intergroup meeting schedule.

How can AA’s become involved with the Tri-District Intergroup or one of its committees?

  1. Groups can provide a group member representative to attend the monthly meeting.
    An AA can join a committee by simply attending a committee meeting and expressing their interest to do so.
  2. Tri-District Intergroup meeting is open to any AA who wishes to attend; however, only group member representatives have voting power.

How can an area AA group become official?

If the AA group wishes to become officially recognized as a group, and have a representative sit on the Tri-District Intergroup committee, please contact the Central Office Manager for instructions.

How can groups support Tri-District Intergroup financially?

Please download this contribution form and return it to the Central Office Manager.

What does Tri-District Intergroup use contributions for?

  1. Providing 24 hour phone support for Twelfth Step calls
  2. Central Office Manager
  3. Rent
  4. and other things

For those AA’s with an interest in the financial affairs of the Tri-District Intergroup, they are encouraged to attend the monthly Tri-District Intergroup meeting where full disclosure of the finances are provided to attendees.

Additional Information

Tri-District Intergroup is the public relations office for the tri-district area.

Tri-District Intergroup maintains the official website of area meetings for Districts 13, 21 and 22. Groups are encouraged to let the Central Office Manager know of their meeting schedules and of any updates/changes to those meetings. The preferred method for adding or updating meeting information is to use the contact us form so the central office can have a written record of the request.